How It Works

How it Works

TheLeadBtc isn’t a bank, We simply provide a platform for our members to earn more money.

How To Join and Earn

For Investment or Referals

  • Click Account on Homepage and Register
  • Fill in your details and submit
  • Log into site
  • Send a one-time donation of $20 to the Wallet Address provided and upload payment details
  • Payment details is simply the amount ($20) and the Transaction Hash Id. You can get this hash Id from blockchain
  • Once your one time donation is confirmed you can invest any amount from $50 to $5000 and get it back plus 50% interest after 30 days
  • You earn $10 everytime someone you refer completes their registration
  • Payments will be sent to your requested Account (Bitcoin, paypal or Bank Account
  • Your referal Bonus earnings are paid every Monday

For Bitcoin Exchange / Buy & Sell

  • Click Buy/Sell Bitcoin on homepage
  • Register and Login
  • Buy or Sell Bitcoin
  • Your wallet address or bank account will be credited with the requested bitcoin or cash as soon as your payment of bitcoin or cash is confirmed
  • Buying or Selling is Free as there are no associated charges for transactions


All Payments are sent directly to members Bank Account, Bitcoin Wallet Address or Paypal Account depending on which Payment method you prefer. Share TheLeadBtc to people and make the world a better place. Note that your Return On Investment (ROI ) 30 days after the day you invest. As you wait, use your referral link to make money. You earn $20 everytime someone you refer completes their registration.